(Virtual lecture) Lothar von Falkenhausen: “Ancient Chinese Bells and Tripods: The Texts vs. the Archaeological Finds”

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The lecture series "On Altars of Soil: Unearthing New Narratives in Early Chinese History," in conjunction with the Indiana University East Asian Studies Center Colloquium Series and co-sponsored by the Tang Center for Early China, presents the following virtual lecture on Friday, May 5, 2021 from 12 noon to 1:15 PM EST:

Ancient Chinese Bells and Tripods: The Texts vs. the Archaeological Finds

Lothar von Falkenhausen, UCLA

Texts and archaeological finds offer complementary evidence for the study of ancient China; for that reason, they are often considered in conjunction. But the study of these two bodies of material requires different methods and skills, and their integration is often problematic.Even when texts and archaeology seem to agree, closer analysis may show subtle inconsistencies; rather than explaining them away, researchers should sound them out carefully as this will offer opportunities for an improved understanding of both kinds of evidence.This lecture focuses on one example for such an investigation: the constellation of Zhou-period (ca. 1046-256 BC) ritual vessels and bells as discussed in ritual texts and revealed by archaeological excavations.

Lothar von Falkenhausen is Distinguished Professor of Chinese Archaeology and Art History at UCLA and Changjiang Visiting Professor at Xibei University (Xi’an, China). Educated at Bonn, Peking, Kyoto, and Harvard Universities, he received his PhD in anthropology from Harvard in 1988. His research concerns the archaeology of the Chinese Bronze Age and related topics. He has published extensively on method and theory in East Asian archaeology. He is currently working on a monograph that will foreground the archaeological evidence for economic developments in 1st-millennium BC China, a sequel to his award-winning Chinese Society in the Age of Confucius (Los Angeles, 2006). Falkenhausen is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the American Philosophical Society, and a Full Member of the German Archaeological Institute.

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The On Altars of Soil series is sponsored by the East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University; the College Arts and Humanities Center, Indiana University; and the Tang Center for Early China, Columbia University.