Member book: Liu, Deflating Human Beings: Sources and Quotations from Around the World, v. 3 and v. 4

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Hi everyone,


I’m writing to announce the publication of Deflating Human Beings: Sources and Quotations from Around the World, v. 3, xxvii, 478 pp., 

ISBN: 979-8-685763-98-3 and v. 4, xxv, 451 pp., ISBN: 979-8-685771-76-6, Hermit Studio, on (v. 1 and v. 2 were published last year.)


This collection of sources and quotations offers a panorama of the downside of the human condition, human conduct, and human nature: vanity, errors, sins, limitations, illusions, vulnerability, stupidity, inanity, misunderstanding, ignorance, self-deception, cruelty and much more, at individual, group, institutional and societal levels. Quotes—some may better be called excerpts—are selected from classics from around the world, from antiquity onward. To provide the widest coverage, I’ve also sampled contemporary works including college textbooks and trade books in two dozen fields or academic disciplines, highlighting history, literature and philosophy. Toward the same goal, I’ve dipped into published collections of quotes—as bibliographic record as much as for their insights—and borrowed from wits and aphorists both well-known and obscure, providing a showcase for their labors and fancy, for this is, after all, mostly a compendium of human folly and worse. The serious general reader, college students and faculty will find much to ponder in these quotes and excerpts. You may even find inspiration in this, among other things, anti-self-help collection.


Each volume contains quotes from over 50 Asian sources, too numerous to be reproduced here. Please visit the webpage for more info here:


Xiuwu R. Liu

Miami University