TOC: The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 80, Iss. 1 (February 2021)

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The Journal of Asian Studies, volume 80, issue 1 has published and is available on Cambridge Core.

Editorial Forward
Vinayak Chaturvedi


"Surplus Woman": Female Sexuality and the Concept of Endogamy
Dubra Mitra

Lady Qu's Inscriptions: Literacy and Sovereignty in a Native Domain, Southwest China
Erik Mueggler

The Civil Governance of Death: The Making of Chinese Political Subjects at the End of Life
Huwy-Min Lucia Liu

The Platformization of Culture: Webtoon Platforms and Media Ecology in Korea and Beyond
Heekyoung Cho

Forum—Migration in Early Medieval China

Introduction to the Forum
Wen-Yi Huang, Xiaofei Tian

Guo Pu Crosses the River: Migration Anecdotes in Jinshu Biographical Narratives
Evan Nicoll-Johnson

Migration, Identity, and Colonial Fantasies in a Fifth-Century Story Collection
Xiaofei Tian

Captives, Deserters, and Exiles: Control of Migrant Mobility in the Northern Wei Period (386-534 CE)
Wen-Yi Huang

A Journey across Many Realms: The Shi Jun Sarcophagus and the Visual Representation of Migration on the Silk Road
Jin Xu

And 43 book reviews.