Armchair Academics 101, LLC -- Erlangen, DE -- Specialist in Asian film of general film history sought for collaboration on YouTube educational series

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Armchair Academics 101 is looking for a doctoral or post-doctoral collaborator with a background in either Asian film or general film history to join our team and participate in a YouTube series on East Asian film titled Academics Watch. The series, which will loosely follow the format of RedLetterMedia’s Best of the Worst™, will feature informal roundtable discussions of pre-selected films, which will be screened for collaborators during the production of each episode.


Collaborators should have a high level of fluency in English and should be comfortable speaking naturally on camera. A good sense of humor would be a plus. 


Qualified candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to The position will remain open until filled. This position is currently unpaid.


Persons of all genders, as well as racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


ArmchairAcademics101 or AA101, as stylized on YouTube, is a recently founded educational video production company, specializing in social scientific and pop-cultural content. Visit us at


Additional information:

As we have received a number of very interesting (but also highly international) applications, I would like to emphasize that our studio is located in Erlangen, Germany.

Ideally, collaborators would be able to travel to the studio in person (when such travel is possible). Limited travel reimbursements are negotiable.

We do encourage interested international applicants to contact us, however, as we are planning future series in which digital collaborations would be particularly fruitful.

We plan to respond to applications as they arrive. Thank you so much for your interest!