Oxford - International History of East Asia Seminars, January-March 2021

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Colleagues are warmly invited to attend the spring session of the Oxford International History of East Asia seminar. Talks will be held over Zoom at 1pm UK time. Please register for some or all sessions through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEsceGsrjIpGtXn7QNfDyXZn06tzc0CJDau

Seminar regulars should note that talks will take place on Wednesdays this term, not the previous Monday slot. 

Week 1      Atlas in Motion: Visualising Manchuria in Moving Images

(20th Jan.)         Yufei Li, University of Cambridge


Week 2      Global Trade and Translingual Contact in Sinophone Asia: The English and Portuguese Languages in Chinese Everyday Life, 1800-1840

(27th Jan.)         Carl Kubler, University of Chicago


Week 3      Legitimated Rule through Minority Liberation: China’s Incorporation of Muslim Minorities as Presented at Bandung

(3rd Feb.)     Arianne Ekinci, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Week 4      Treaty-making and Colonization in East Asia: Korea and Vietnam in the 19th Century

(10th Feb.)    Jeeye Song, University of Florida


Week 5      The World of Science and the Chinese Reader: Negotiating Nation and Universe in Popular Science Publications,  1933-1945

(17th Feb.)     Noa Nahmias, York University


Week 6      The Legal Life of Women in the Shanghai’s Concessions (1845-1943)

(24th Feb.)     Lu Yu, Zhejiang University


Week 7      Visible ‘Races’: Constructing Boundaries in Chinese Press Photographs (1907-1913)

(3rd March)  Giulia Pra Floriani, Heidelberg University


Week 8      A Journey to the other Pacific Shore: A Study on the Chinese-Ecuadorian ‘Mestizaje’ Phenomenon, 1900-1930

(10th March)  Luis-Felipe Borja, Maria Jose Borja, Christian David Mejia, MIT Sloan School of Management, Renmin University, Northwestern Polytechnical University


Seminar kindly supported by the University of Oxford China Centre

Seminar Convenors: Tommy Yui Chim Lo, Aoife Cantrill, Thomas C. Burnham, Thomas Barrett, Mark Baker

Email: iheaoxseminar@gmail.com