Japan Forum Podcast 11 with Bettina Gramlich-Oka: Women and Networks in 19th C Japan

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Japan Forum caught up with caught up with Bettina Gramlich-Oka to talk about her new edited volume: Women and Networks in Nineteenth-Century Japan.

In the podcast we talk with Professor Gramlich-Oka about the origins of the edited volume; how written materials offer insights into the diversity of roles performed by women across time and space; how women's mobility was not often self-chosen but involuntary and initiated by men; and her love of diary writing.

The link to the podcast is: https://soundcloud.com/soas-university-of-london/japan-forum-podcast-11-with-bettina-gramlich-oka-women-and-networks-in-nineteenth-century-japan?in=soas-university-of-london/sets/japan-forum


Bill Mihalopoulos, Chief Editor Japan Forum.