CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Crossing Seas Series (Hong Kong University Press)

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Hong Kong University Press is inviting proposals for outstanding monographs and edited collections to be included within the Crossing Seas series, co-edited by Professor Henry Yu (University of British Columbia) and Professor Elizabeth Sinn (University of Hong Kong).


The series brings together books that investigate Chinese migration from the migrants’ perspective. As migrants traveled from one destination to another throughout their lifetime, they created and maintained layers of different networks. Along the way these migrants also dispersed, recreated, and adapted their cultural practices. To study these different networks, the series publishes books in disciplines such as history, women’s studies, geography, cultural anthropology, and archaeology and prominently features publications informed by interdisciplinary approaches that focus on multiple aspects of the migration processes.

To submit your proposal, please include: 


  • A statement of the argument or purpose of the manuscript, explaining how it will add to the existing literature on the topic 
  • A table of contents, including a brief synopsis of each chapter 
  • A sample chapter, if available 
  • A word count of the project (including bibliography, notes, etc.) and details of other elements of the manuscript, such as illustrations, maps, or tables 
  • A description of the projected audience, or market, for the book 
  • An analysis of competing books (if any exist) and a brief explanation of the uniqueness of the proposed book 
  • A curriculum vitae and/or other material describing the author’s background and expertise in the area 


We would like to hear from distinguished scholars at any stage of their academic career whose research sits within the series’ scope. To discuss your ideas or to ask any questions, please contact Yasmine Hung, acquisitions editor at Hong Kong University Press at