Late Qing Intellectual History Resource: 沅湘通藝錄

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Amidst the 1890s push for reform, in the Hunan hotbed the progressive governor 江標 collected the new provincial examination essays responding to a variety of modern practical questions and the collection was published later by the Commercial Press with the title  沅湘通藝錄. It runs to over 450 pp. and contains several hundred exam essays. It really provides quite a window into the outlook and attitudes of the examination candidates' understanding of the current China and world situation, considerably broader than what one finds in the 湘包湘學報 . (I just noticed looking through it again that it contains an essay by the later revolutionary 畢永年.) It's a long time since I read any of this and I have used it as much as I need now. I hate to throw it in the dumpster, and hope somebody else will have use for it. Let me know if you are interested.

Don, I would love to take it over from you. Worked on earlier exams, but remain interested. Can you let me know whether it is still available and what would be the best arrangement? You can email me if that is easier (contact info here: )