EASTM: New Issue #51-52 Published

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The latest issue #51-52 of the Journal of EAST ASIAN SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICINE is published and available online at www.eastm.org.

Table of Contents

Note from the Editor by CATHERINE JAMI

Obituary — Peter J. Golas (1937-2019) by HANS ULRICH VOGEL


Miners, Benevolent Government, and Administration: A History of Medical Policy in Tokugawa Japan by HIRO FUJIMOTO

Science and Politics in China’s Official Water System: the Management of the Qiantang River (1927-1949) by LI HAIJING and SALLY K. CHURCH

The Research Agenda of Zhu Qiqian: A Reframing of Traditional Chinese Craftsmanship by MARTIN HOFMANN

Mapping in Manchu: The Development of Usage of the Manchu Script and Language on Qing Imperial Mapping Projects by JUUL EIJK


Jiri Hudecek, Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics: Mathematics, History and Politics in the Work of Wu Wen-Tsun by IWO AMELUNG

Francesca Bray, Peter A. Coclanis, Edda L. Fields-Black, and Dagmar Schafer (eds.), Rice: Global Networks and New Histories by GEORGES MÉTAILIÉ

Thomas Mullaney, The Chinese Typewriter: A History by SETH JACOBOWITZ

Melissa S. Dale, Inside the World of the Eunuch: A Social History of the Emperor’s Servants in Qing China by HE BIAN