China food studies: two online seminars

Thomas David DuBois 杜博思's picture

Hello all,

I will be delivering two online lectures in the Southwest Minzu University interdisciplinary food studies series.

Please note that both events will be in Chinese, and will use the Tencent meeting platform. Details are available at the provided links.

28 October  田野调查方法论:川菜厨房里的“田野”

"Ethnography in the Sichuan kitchen:" Discussion view of how cultural skills and knowledge are transmitted, comparing the industrial-style training of a culinary trade school with my current experience in two of Chengdu’s best restaurant kitchens.

29 October 从蝴蝶泉来牛奶:滇西的乳品产业的发展与政企互动

"Milk from the Butterfly Spring:" Examines the 60-year transformation of a Yunnan milk powder factory from local state owned enterprise to officially promoted "dragon head," and wholly owned subsidiary of the New Hope agribusiness conglomorate.

Best wishes,