TOC Made in China, vol. 5, issue 2 (2020)

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Dear Colleagues,


I am happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Made in China Journal. You can download the PDF at this link:


- Editorial (The Editors)

- Briefs

- What about Whataboutism? |  Ivan Franceschini and Nicholas Loubere

- China’s Second-generation Ethnic Policies Are Already Here |  Gerald Roche and James Leibold

- Undoing Lenin: On the Recent Changes to China’s Ethnic Policy |  Christian Sorace

- The Spatial Cleansing of Xinjiang: Mazar Desecration in Context |  Rian Thum

- China : Xinjiang :: India : Kashmir |  Nitasha Kaul

- Counterterrorism or Cultural Genocide? Theory and Normativity in Knowledge Production About China’s ‘Xinjiang Strategy’ |  Matthew P. Robertson

- Leninists in a Chinese Factory: Reflections on the Jasic Labour Organising Strategy |  Zhang Yueran

- From Unorganised Street Protests to Organising Unions: The Birth of a New Trade Union Movement in Hong Kong |  Anita Chan

- Chinese Diaspora Activism and the Future of International Solidarity |  Mengyang Zhao

- Spectral Revolution: Notes on a Maoist Cosmology |  Emily Ng

- The Yijing Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism with Chinese Characteristic |  William Matthews

- The Macabre Affective Labour of Cadavers in Chinese Ghost Marriages |  Chris K. K. Tan

- On UFOlogy with Chinese Characteristics and the Fate of Chinese Socialism |  Malcolm Thompson

- Shared Visions: The Gift of The Eye |  Sylvia J. Martin

- Accidents and Agency: Death and Occult Economies in Thailand |  Andrew Alan Johnson

- The Diviner and the Billionaire: Wealth as Mystery in Buddhist Thailand |  Edoardo Siani

- Hunting Sorcerers in Cambodia |  Ivan Franceschini

- Shamanism, Occult Murder, and Political Assassination in Siberia and Beyond |  Konstantinos Zorbas

- Covid-19 in China: From ‘Chernobyl Moment’ to Impetus for Nationalism |  Chenchen Zhang

- Gratitude: The Ideology of Sovereignty in Crisis |  Christian Sorace

- The Surveillance Vaccine: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Body under Covid-19 |  Carwyn Morris

- Sinophobia Will Never Be the Same after Covid-19 |  Flair Donglai Shi

- Breathing What Air? Reflections on Mongolia Before and After Covid-19 |  Rebekah Plueckhahn

- The Great Hanoi Rat Hunt: A Conversation with Michael G. Vann |  Ivan Franceschini and Michael G. Vann

- Asian Reservoirs: A Conversation with Frédéric Keck |  Mara Benadusi, Andrea E. Pia and Frédéric Keck

- Between Economic and Social Exclusions: Chinese Online Gambling Capital in the Philippines |  Alvin Camba

- Scholars and Spies: Experiences from the Soviet Union, Communist Romania, and China |  Ivan Franceschini

- Experiences of the Soul: On William Somerset Maugham’s Far Eastern Writings |  Ivan Franceschini

- Zombies of Capital: On Reading Ling Ma’s Severance |  Ivan Franceschini

- Hong Kong in Revolt: A Conversation with Au Loong-Yu |  Ivan Franceschini and Au Loong-Yu

- Urban Horror: A Conversation with Erin Y. Huang |  Christian Sorace and Erin Y. Huang

- Red Silk: A Conversation with Robert Cliver |  Ivan Franceschini and Robert Cliver