Introduction from the Editors

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Dear H-Asia Subscribers,

After recent recruitment of new H-Asia editors, we want to introduce ourselves as the current editorial team for H-Asia. The team members are:

Monika Lehner

Joe Thomas Karackattu

Shubhangi Mehrotra

Jyoti Mohan

Sandra Park

Matt Wills

H-Asia is one of the oldest and largest networks on H-Net, so editing requires completing a large number of tasks, and we share these across the team on a rotating basis. We will continue our established routine of moderating posts within 24 hours of submission and we intend to continue to deliver Asia-related content of interest from across H-Net's other networks. If you have thoughts or questions related to editorial matters, please email If you are interested in volunteering for H-Asia, go to Join our Team

This little announcement is also a chance for us to remind everyone of what H-Asia's purpose is. H-Asia is now one of the most useful sources out there for material related to publications, jobs, fellowships and other opportunities for Asian studies scholars, and we welcome all posts of this nature. In its early days, however, H-Asia also played host to large numbers of conversations among scholars related to research queries and scholarly topics. We would like to see this element of H-Asia return again, and we encourage everyone to start these conversational-style threads if they would like to consult the collective wisdom of the H-Asia list. These conversations are frequently seen on other H-Net networks and other list-servs, and we encourage them on H-Asia too.

Finally, we would like to affirm that H-Asia is a list for all and where all are peers. We therefore welcome contributions from any subscriber in the belief that H-Asia should be a collaborative and supportive environment.

Best wishes,

Your editorial team

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