Book Reviews: Highlighting Recent Asian-Language Scholarship

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New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship, published by the Harvard-Yenching Institute, highlights recent books published in Asian languages, relating to the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on Asian culture. Browse the reviews on our website (searchable by region and field), including the following titles:

  • กบกฏจีนจน “บนถนนพลับพลาไชย” (The Rebellion of the Chinese Commoners on Phlapphlachai Road), by Sittithep Eaksittipong. Reviewed by Chulaluk Pleumpanya

  • 法華経成立の新解釈 : 仏伝として法華経を読み解く (A New Explanation of the Composition of the Lotus Sutra- Interpreting the Lotus Sutra as Life Stories of Buddha), by Hiraoka Satoshi 平岡聡. Reviewed by Hsun-Mei Chen

  • 郭沫若作品精选 (Selected Works of Guo Moruo), by Gao Haolin 高豪林. Reviewed by Shagufta Yasmin

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