New Book: den Boer and Cecil, "Framing Intellectual and Lived Spaces in Early South Asia"

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Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce the publication of a new Open Access book:

Framing Intellectual and Lived Spaces in Early South Asia: Sources and Boundaries
Edited by Lucas den Boer (Leiden University) and Elizabeth A. Cecil
(Florida State University)

The contributions to this book address a series of 'confrontations'—debates between intellectual communities, the interplay of texts and images, and the intersection of monumental architecture and physical terrain—and explore the ways in which the legacy of these encounters, and the human responses to them, conditioned cultural production in early South Asia (c. 4th–7th centuries CE). Rather than an agonistic term, the book uses ‘confrontation’ as a heuristic to examine historical moments within this pivotal period in which individuals and communities were confronted with new ideas and material expressions.


Part I: Text, Image & Lived Spaces

Laxshmi Rose Greaves, The Enigma of the Centauress and Her Lover: Investigating a Fifth-century Terracotta Panel from Ahichhatrā

Sanne Dokter-Mersch, Visual Story-Telling in Text and Image: The Nāga as Inhabitant of the Cosmic Ocean and the Netherworld

Peter C. Bisschop, Vyoman: The Sky is the Limit. On the Bhaviṣyapurāṇa’s Reworking of the Liṅgodbhava Myth

Lewis Doney, Bronze Temple Bells from the Tibetan Imperial Period: Buddhist Material Culture in Context

Part II: Philosophy & Intellectual Spaces

Evgeniya Desnitskaya, Nonagonistic Discourse in the Early History of Indian Philosophical Debates: From Brahmodyas to the Mahābhāṣya

Marie-Hélène Gorisse, The Legitimation of an Authoritative Discourse in Jainism

Ana Bajželj, Clay Pots, Golden Rings, and Clean Upper Garments: Causality in Jaina Philosophy

Gregory Forgues, Charting the Geographies of ’Ju Mi pham rnam rgyal rgya mtsho’s Perspectivist Approach to the Two Truths 


This new book is available for free download from De Gruyter publishers, due to an Open Access agreement made possible by the European Research Council’s funding of the project “Beyond Boundaries: Religion, Region, Language and the State” (ERC Synergy Project 609823 ASIA). Please follow this link to buy a hard copy or download a PDF or EPUB:

It is volume 2 of the new book series Beyond Boundaries: Religion, Region, Language and the State, edited by Michael Willis, Sam van Schaik and Lewis Doney. The series is a research initiative hosted by the British Museum and the British Library in London, exploring the interactions of India and her neighbors from late antiquity to the close of the medieval. More information on the series is available at:


Lewis Doney