TOC positions: asia critique 28.3 (2020)

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The latest special issue of positions: asia critique on "Cold War Feminisms in East Asia" guest edited and introduced by Suzy Kim with an epilogue by Tani Barlow is now available at:

Table of Contents:

  • John M. Knight – The “Modern Girl” is a Communist: March 8th and China’s Proletarian Women’s Movement, 1925–27
  • Wendy Matsumura – “Isahama Women Farmers” Against Enclosure: A Rejection of the Property Relation in US-Occupied Okinawa
  • Katri Kauhanen – From Seoul to Paris: Transnational Character in the Work of the Korean National Council of Women in Authoritarian South Korea
  • Tina Mai Chen – Gendered Globality as a Cold War Framework: International Dimensions of Chinese Female Bodies in the 1960s
  • Suzy Kim – From Violated Girl to Revolutionary Woman: The Politics of Sexual Difference from China to North Korea
  • Kozue Akibayashi – Cold War Shadows of Japan’s Imperial Legacies for Women in East Asia

The journal also launched in January 2020 an online digital platform to engage a broader audience in a timely fashion, without the extended time-to-publication required of a peer-reviewed print journal. A special issue critically reflecting on "comfort women" on the 75-year anniversary of the end of the Asia Pacific War is available at:  The site aims to provide resources for teaching and a critical forum for sharing ideas.

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