Positions, Sociology, Social Psychology, and Social Work, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

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Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Social Development
Assistant Professors of Sociology, Social Psychology, and Social Work

[Ed. note: These positions were not highlighted on H-Asia previously as they are not Asia-specific, but are posted now at the request of Dr. Zhang Jie. They are aimed at scholars from a Chinese background who earned their graduate degrees outside China (in the US or elsewhere). RD]

Institution Type:   College / University
Location:   China
Position:   Assistant Professor

Central University of Finance and Economics has several full time openings for scholars with Ph.D. degrees from a US university in the areas of sociology, social psychology, and social work. Interested individuals can submit applications online:

http://zhaopin.cufe.edu.cn:8080/hire/hireNetPortal/search_zp_position.do?b_exit=exit .

For more information about the university, please visit http://www.cufe.edu.cn/. For more information about the job openings, please contact Dr. Gao Linyu at 86-10-6228-9120 or gaolinyu666@163.com.


    我校2015年国内应届毕业生招聘采用网上申报方式,不以其他方式接收简历。请应聘者自公告之日起登陆“中央财经大学人事招聘系统”(网址为http://zhaopin.cufe.edu.cn:8080/hire/hireNetPortal/search_zp_position.do?b_exit=exit )注册后录入个人真实信息,选择申报相应职位。
1. 年龄一般不超过40周岁(1975年1月1日以后出生)。
2. 国外著名大学或科研机构博士后或博士研究生毕业取得相应学位。
3. 对本学科建设或学术研究有创新性构想,在海内外相关领域知名学术期刊独立或以第一作者身份发表具有较高水平的学术论文。
4. 具有较高的外语水平,有良好双语教学能力者优先考虑。
5. 身心健康。
人事处与用人单位通过指定招聘系统 http://zhaopin.cufe.edu.cn:8080/hire/hireNetPortal/search_zp_position.do?b_exit=exit 共同收集应聘者简历。


Dr. Gao Linyu 86-10-6228-9120; gaolinyu666@163.com
Dr. Zhang Jie 1-716-861-1564; zhangj@buffalostate.edu

Website: http://zhaopin.cufe.edu.cn:8080/hire/hireNetPortal/search_zp_position.do?b_exit=exit
Primary Category: Sociology
Secondary Categories: Psychology
Posting Date: 01/21/2015
Closing Date 08/20/2015