[Call For Papers]  Oxford International History of East Asia Seminar Autumn 2020 Session

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The Oxford International History of East Asia Seminar

Call For Papers
Michaelmas (Autumn) 2020 Session

The convenors, Mark Baker, Thomas Barrett, Thomas Burnham, Lin Ma, and Woody Wu invite proposals for the fall (Michaelmas Term) 2020 session of the Oxford International History of East Asia Research Seminar.

We invite fellow PhD students and early career researchers to submit proposals for seminar presentations on any aspect of the international and transnational history of East and Southeast Asia, particularly papers on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  We are interested both in proposals exploring international and transnational connections within and between East and Southeast Asia as well as proposals considering the interaction of East/Southeast Asia and the wider world, including Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, and elsewhere.

We look forward to proposals for papers on a broad range of international and transnational history topics, including not only traditional state-to-state relations, but also the flow of people, goods, and ideas between states and/or non-state actors, the role of transnational organisations, and the importance of culture, identity, race, and gender in international and transnational history, to name just a few.  Interdisciplinary approaches with a strong historical focus are also welcome.

The seminar is open to Oxford and non-Oxford speakers alike.  All convenors are current graduate students or early career researchers, and the seminar provides a welcoming environment for invited speakers to present research at any stage of completion to an audience of students and Oxford faculty members.  This session of seminars will be held during Oxford’s Michaelmas Term, which is between 11th October and 5th December 2020.  Presentations are expected to last between 20 and 30 minutes and are followed by Q&A.  Due to the ongoing situation brought on by Covid-19, the Michaelmas Term IHEA Seminar is currently planned to be held online via Zoom.

Those interested in speaking are invited to send a provisional title, an abstract no longer than 300 words, and a short biographical note to IHEAOxSeminar@gmail.com by 6th September.  Any queries are also welcome.

Further information about the seminar, including details of our programme of recent events, is available on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OxIHEAS) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/OxIHEAS) feed.