TOC IIAS Newsletter 70 - Central and Inner Asia: New Challenges for Independent Research

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IIAS Newsletter 70 - Central and Inner Asia: New Challenges for Independent Research

The study of Central and Inner Asia faces a multitude of challenges, brought about by the break-up of the Soviet Union, the emergence of new states, the rise of China, the development of new national narratives, and a diminishing interest from Europe and the United States. This edition of the Focus addresses some of the problems, and proposes new policies to promote the proper understanding of a region that, to many, lies in a disregaded area on the map of the world. 


3   From the Director 
3   Annika Schmeding wins the 2014 IIAS National Master’s Thesis Prize in Asian Studies


4 - 5 The politics of dancing in Japan - Ryan Hartley

6 - 7 Strange peoples': The Sama Bajo in VOC perception and policy - Lance Nolde

8 - 9 Encoding visual imagery of Ki Suryŏn exported to the West - Victoria Ten


THE OPPINION - Under the Umbrella  (Chief Editor: Beatrice Oi-yeung Lam)

10  Umbrella sociology  - Alistair Fraser

10 -11 Understanding the Umbrella Movement from the perspective of governance in post-1997 Hong Kong - Kwok Wing-hei, Richard

11  Youth participation in the Umbrella Movement: the role of new media - Compiled by Carmen Tong

12  “This is my choice, the right choice!” Police solidarity and power: some observations of police usage of social media - Leona Li & Josephine Sham

12 - 13  The voices unheard: gender politics and LGBT activism in the Umbrella Movement - Liona Li, Candice Tang and Clara Tang

13  Epilogue. Doing umbrella sociology - Beatrice Oi-yeung Lam 


THE STUDY continued

14 - 15  The medical spur to postcolonial Indonesian science: the Soekarno era - Vivek Neelakantan

16 - 17  A bullet train or a paved road? Local accounts of high-speed rail reform in China - Tabitha Speelman

18  The Temple of Heaven: cosmological symbolism - Chen Chunhong


The FOCUS: Central and Inner Asia: New Challenges for Independent Research

23 - 25  Central and Inner Asia: New Challenges for Independent Research - Irina Morozova, Alexander Cooley and Willem Vogelsang (
Guest Editors)

26  To the studies of Soviet vostokovedenie: the precarious Marxist debates - Irina Morozova

27  Debates on nomadic feudalism in Soviet thought - Nikolay Kradin

28  The state and trends of Mongolian historical studies - J. Boldbaatar

29  Information collection & accessibility in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia & Xinjiang - Morris Rossabi

30  Recollecting Central Asia's Soviet past - Timur Dadabaev

31  Evidence & history in archival documents: civil war in Semirech'ye - Ablet Kamalov

32  Publishing challenges for local Central Asian scholars - Andrew Wachtel

33  Scenarios for future Central Asian studies - Nargis Kassenova

34  The geopoliticization of Central Asian scholarship - Alexander Cooley



19 New titles on

20 Translating twelfth century China - Hang Lin

20 - 21   Reading the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - Emilian Kavalski

21  Hindu kingdoms, to the Mughals - Rachel Parikh

22  New reviews on

35  Modernity experienced at an everyday level - Shyamika Jayasundara-Smits

35  Living in the urban periphery of Hà Nôi - Hans Schenk

36  A photographic journey into modern Indian kingship - Souvik Naha



37 IIAS Outreach
38 - 39 News from Southeast Asia
What is to come in Thailand? - Michael J. Montesano
Populist policies and the rural-urban divide - Puangthong Pawakapan
A new polity in the making? - Porphant Ouyyanont

40 - 41 ICAS Book Prize

42 - 43 Reports
Hungry ghosts meet Ming bling: re-framing 50 years in the life of an empire - Anna Grasskamp
New discoveries on Southeast Asia's maritime and diplomatic history 1600-1800 - Hendrik E. Niemeijer

44 - 47  Responses to the manifesto ‘Heritage beyond the boundaries 

48 - 50  IIAS Reports
Female Islamic authority in comparative perspective: exemplars, institutions, practices - David Kloos and Mirjam Künkler
Transcending the Bay of Bengal - Michael Laffan
Re-examining the ‘Subaltern’ - Paul Rabé
A multi-disciplinary approach to analyzing climate change in Yangon - Paul Rabé
University of Amsterdam hosts the 4th edition of the Sri Lanka Roundtable - Joeri Scholtens (UvA) & Maarten Bavinck (UvA)

51  Announcements

52 Special feature: The Alumnus
Gwen Bennett

53  IIAS research and projects

54 - 55  IIAS fellowship programme



56  Envisioning journeys through Asia - The Smithsonian