Seeking Panelists for AAS March 2021 Seattle panel "New Perspectives/Approaches to Understanding Stigma and Stigmatization"

Xia Shi's picture

We are looking for two more papers to explore new perspectives to examine the issue of social stigma and stigmatization in various Asian contexts. I myself am a historian of China and have a paper analyzing the danger and politics of progressive women and men associating with the stigmatized category of women-- the concubine (qie)--in Republican China (1912-49). A second paper is in the field of Film and Media analysis, which situates imaginaries of migrant women sex workers from the Northeast in relation to the restructuring of the moral contempts and stigmatization in contemporary post-reform China.

We welcome any papers that can add breadth and diversity to this topic, with potential coverages on any asian countries, and analytical approaches such as religious, legal, racial/ethnic, gender, and class studies etc that could enrich our understanding of the issues of stigmatization, social discrimination, injustice and so on. After we have chosen the panelists, we will collectively formulate central themes based on what the panel's papers address. 

If you are interested, please contact me at as soon as possible. Thank you!