ToC Journal of the American Oriental Society 140.2 (2020)

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The new issue of the Journal of the American Oriental Society, 140.2 (2020), is now available in print and online at:


Fakes, Delusions, or the Real Thing? Albert Grünwedel's Maps of Shambhala; by Sam van Schaik

An Interpretation of Two Personal Names in the Ninth Line of the Tonyukuk Inscription (Toñ S2); by Pavel Rykin and Nikolai Telitsin

Anxiety over the Filial Body: Discussions on Xiao in Early Confucian Texts; by Jianjun He

The Cultural Politics of Old Things in Mid-Tang China; by Xiaofei Tian

Remembering the Past through Music: The Transmission of Chinese Qin Songs in Seventeenth- to Nineteenth-Century Japan; by Zeyuan Wu

Syntax of Hittite imma; by Andrei Sideltsev

The Image of the Dragon in RS 16.266 (= KTU1–3 1.83): Ugaritic √ṯrp and Its Syriac, Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, and Mandaic Cognates; by Madadh Richey

Assyria and Babylon in the Oracles against the Nations Tradition: The Death of a King (Isa. 14:5–20; Isa. 30:27–33); by Jo Ann Scurlock

The Greek Death of Imruʾ al-Qays; by Teddy J. Fassberg

Legal Maxims (qawāʿid fiqhiyya) in Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī's Jurisprudence and Fatwas; by Ron Shaham

Gilding Textiles and Printing Blocks in Tenth-Century Egypt; by Anya H. King

Review Articles

Viewing Proto-Dravidian from the Northeast; by Masato Kobayashi

The Nuzi Temple Texts: A Complete Edition of an Eccentric Corpus; by M. P. Maidman

Reviews of Books

Brief Reviews of Books

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