TOC: Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies: Volume 79, Issues 1&2 (2019)

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We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies has been published. The journal is available online through Project Muse at  Submission and subscription information is available at

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HJAS (Vol. 79, Nos. 1 & 2) Contents

Howard Scott Hibbett, 1920–2019

Editorial Preface

About the Cover

Plants and Insects (Ch’och’ungdo 草蟲圖), attributed to Sin Saimdang 申師任堂 (1504–1551)


Other Poetry on the An Lushan Rebellion: Notes on Time and Transcendence in Tang Verse

Lucas Rambo Bender

Found (and Lost?) in Translation: Culture in The Analects

Uffe Bergeton

Absent Presence: Costuming and Identity in the Qing Drama A Ten-thousand Li Reunion

Guojun Wang

The Sound of Learning the Confucian Classics in Chosŏn Korea

Si Nae Park

Informing the Public in Song China

Patricia Buckley Ebrey

Review Essays

Recent Chinese Literary Histories in English

Haun Saussy

Productive Plagues: Epidemics, Public Health, and the Making of Asia’s Modernity

Ruth Rogaski

Your Place or My Place? A Question from the Margins of the Japanese Empire

Mark Driscoll

and reviews of books by Tonio Andrade, Paul S. Atkins, David A. Bello, Brian Bernards, Heekyoung Cho, Craig Clunas, Jacob P. Dalton, Rebecca Doran, Thomas David DuBois, Matthew Fraleigh, Helen Hardacre, D. Colin Jaundrill, Rebecca E. Karl, Terry Kawashima, Dorothy Ko, Chi Man Kwong, Chang Woei Ong, Stephen Owen (trans.), John Curtis Perry, Chari Pradel, Jonathan Schlesinger, Chien-hsin Tsai, and Zheng Wang