Member book, Clart & Jones, Transnational Religious Spaces: Religious Organizations and Interactions in Africa, East Asia, and Beyond

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Transnational Religious Spaces: Religious Organizations and Interactions in Africa, East Asia, and Beyond

Series: Dialectics of the Global, 8

Edited by: Philip Clart and Adam Jones
Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg

Published: 06 Jul 2020

viii + 322 pages



Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-11-068995-2

PDF ISBN: 978-3-11-069010-1

EPUB ISBN: 978-3-11-069019-4



This volume, bringing together work by scholars from Europe, East Asia, North America, and West Africa, investigates transnational religious spaces in a comparative manner by juxtaposing East Asian and African examples. For the thematic coverage see the table of contents below:


1 Philip Clart: Introduction

2 Thomas A. Tweed: Flows and Dams: Rethinking Categories for the Study of Transnationalism


Part I: Transnational Spaces in Colonial Settings

3 Marian Burchardt: From Mission Station to Tent Revival: Material Forms and Spatial Formats in Africa’s Missionary Encounter

4 Adam Jones and Geert Castryck: Mission Spaces in German East Africa: Spatial Imaginations, Implementations, and Incongruities against the Backdrop of an Emerging Colonial Spatial Order

5 Magnus Echtler: Redeeming Zululand: Placing Cultural Resonances in the Nazareth Baptist Church, South Africa


Part II: Migration and Transnational Religious Spaces

6 Afe Adogame: From Redemption City to Christian Disneyland: The Unfolding of Transnational Religious Spaces

7 Johara Berriane: Transnational Evangelical Spaces in Muslim Urban Settings: The Presence and Place-Making of African Christian Migrants in Morocco

8 Klaus Hock: Transforming Spatial Formats: Imagined Commonalities, Imaginary Spaces, and Spaces of Imagination

9 Wei-Yi Cheng: Transitioning the Vietnamese Ullambana Festival to Taiwan

10 Janet Alison Hoskins and Nguyen Thi Hien: Vietnamese Transnational Religions: The Cold War Polarities of Temples in “Little Hanois” and “Little Saigons”

11 Rongdao Lai: Tiantai Transnationalism: Mobility, Identity, and Lineage Networks in Modern Chinese Buddhism


Part III: Transnational Religious Spaces and Transcultural Interactions

12 Peter Lambertz: Of Ancestors and Others: Cultural Resonance from Japan among Spiritualists in Kinshasa

13 Frédérique Louveau: Japanese Spiritualities in Africa: From a Transnational Space to the Creation of a Local Lifestyle

14 Nikolas Broy: American Dao and Global Interactions: Transnational Religious Networks in an English-Speaking Yiguandao Congregation in Urban California

15 Jens Reinke: Generating Global Pure Lands: Renjian Buddhist Civic Engagement within and beyond the Chinese Diaspora Communities Worldwide


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