Stories To Tell: A South Asian Perspective on Covid-19

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Dear Friends/Colleagues,

   I am doing an interview series called Stories To Tell: A South Asian Perspective on Covid-19.
   In addition to capturing local and regional experiences relating to COVID-19, this will be a valuable project in its focus on South Asian voices and perspectives that are too frequently absent or underrepresented in archival collections. South Asians are an important minority community in the USA and they are more than celebrity comedians, CEOs of MNCs or cab drivers. This series will endeavor to capture the diversity in South Asian voices.
These resources will be archived and made available to faculty, students and community members in support of research, teaching and learning at Western and beyond. The interviews will be co-archived by the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies and  South Asian American Digital Archives (SAADA).
I will be very grateful if you help spread the word/Share. This is free to the public. 
Instructions: 2 PM PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting 7th July to 6th August.  Please see LINK below. Once you sign up the first time, you will be notified about upcoming sessions. It will still require registering but the link will be shared with you. 
Check out the schedule : 
7th July/Tuesday : We will start with Rose Kular who is a Bellingham resident and a Western student. She is Sikh-American. She will talk about her struggles with online learning and also school-home balance. 
9th July/Thursday : Next, we will chat with Samia Jannat, Seattle resident and Research Coordinator at University of Washington School of Medicine about death and dying during Covd-19.
14th July/Tuesday : Yug Dabadi, microbiologist at Washington School of Medicine and Seattle resident will talk about transitioning from being a Bhutanese refugee to becoming a community leader.
16th July/Thursday: Ruhel Islam, owner of Gandhi Mahal Restaurant in Minneapolis. Ruhel will talk about life in Bangladesh, creating community over food, Minneapolis protests and BLM. 
21st July/Tuesday: Batool Zaidi, Assistant Professor at Western and International faculty from Pakistan, will talk about work visas, immigration and conducting research during a pandemic. 
23rd July/Thursday: Kamrun Nessa, engineer, entrepreneur and community leader, will talk about women, education, Islam and Spreeha community kitchen. 
28th July/Tuesday: Kajori Chaudhuri, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Commission on Human Rights, will discuss identity, career and strengthening community relations remotely. 
30th July/Thursday: Amarnath Deva, owner of Mayuri International Grocery Store, will talk about small businesses, economy, immigrant consumer culture and adapting to a changed notion of public space. 
4th August/Tuesday: Gursewak Singh, Nursing Assistant at Mt. Baker Care Center, will talk about being an essential worker in the long-term care unit at the Center.
6th August : Hakeem Naim, early-career historian and lecturer at Western and UC Berkeley, will talk about online teaching, publishing and quarantine parenting for special needs children. 
Please let me know if you have questions:
Thank You
Dharitri Bhattacharjee
Assistant Professor 
History Department
Western Washington University