Online seminar, "Chinese old brands: heritage and creative nostalgia"

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12th Yiwuge Anthropology seminar: Chinese old brands: heritage and creative nostalgia"

This talk introduces two strategies for nurturing nostalgia for China’s old brands (laozihao), the heritage approach that emphasizes authenticity, and retro advertising that mines the past for fun, novelty, and irony. Having laid out general trends since the 1980s, the talk turns its focus to food, a product that is uniquely suited to nostalgia marketing, and an industry that has been shaped by explosive growth. Rushing to establish a presence in the rapidly changing national market, China's food brands have shifted their emphasis from authenticity to novelty, from scarcity to replicability, and from heritage to retro.

This talk will be in Chinese. The speaker is Thomas DuBois of Beijing Normal University. Shu Ping of Shandong University, and Zhan Na of Liaoning Normal University will deliver comments.

Time: July 6, 9:00-11:00 pm Beijing time (= 9:00-11:00 am EST)

Tencent classroom platform at, or via code 654 463 576.

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Thomas David DuBois 杜博思

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The June 28 announcement for the July 6th seminar "Chinese old brands: heritage and creative nostalgia" (中国老字号品牌:遗产新,怀) neglected to mention the login password. It is 123456.

The poster for the talk is also available here.

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