Coping with COVID - video series

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Dear all, 

I hope you are well, healthy, and safe, and congratulations on surviving this very difficult semester. The Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is starting a multilingual video series to document how you are coping with COVID. We want to solicit short videos - about 5 mins - from South Asia faculty, students, and community speaking earnestly about what matters to you the most during these difficult times. You may also want to show your activities or share creative work and art pieces that express how you are dealing with the crisis. The topics can be as personal, political, and/or place-based as you like, for example but not limited to: 


Coping with COVID in Hawaii and Asia-Pacific 

Teaching with compassion

New perspectives and changes in your research; how your work has helped you or how you have rethought your theses and methods (e.g. pandemic and indigeneity/ migration/ performance arts/ philosophy/ technology/ etc.

Perspectives on leadership 

Online existence/ existentialism / Onlinihilism! (ooh, I just coined that one) 

Socio-political situation in South Asia

Work-family balance during lock-downs

Community building 

Mental and physical health, safety, security  

Role of the arts during pandemics


Race, gender, privilege 

Memento Mori 

What matters to you most in these difficult times 


The video can be taken anywhere (at home or location you choose), with or without mask, on phone/computer; it can be you alone or with family or in a (zoom) interview with someone. We want to encourage you to speak in a South Asian language (your first, second, or language of your work) and briefly summarize what was said in English at the end or add subtitles. 


The videos will be posted and highlighted on the Center's web and social media pages. They will increase your visibility in the research and art communities across the world and create opportunities to collaborate and cope together. 


Please upload your videos here and send email to and to let us know that you have submitted your piece. Please submit by June 15th, 2020. We are accepting and posting your work on a rolling basis starting now.  


Thank you! With best wishes for your health and safety, 



Sai Bhatawadekar, PhD

Director, Center for South Asian Studies

Associate Professor

Hindi-Urdu, Theatre and Dance, Cross-cultural Philosophy
University of Hawaii at Manoa