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I have just published my The Silk Road and Beyond: Narratives of a Muslim Historian ( ISBN:Hb 978-0-940596-1) with Oxford University Press in Pakistan. Consisting of xv+368 pages, the volume is aimed as an easy read incorporating history, travel, memoirs, journeys through archives and arts, and encounters with some Diaspora communities. Divided into three parts and including twenty-two chapters, it dilates on historic places such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Merv, Isfahan, Lahore, Delhi, Konya, Jerusalem, Fez, Rabat, Pisa, Palermo, Cordova and a few more in North Atlanatic regions. Written in an autobiographical genre, this book benefits from a 40-year-long exposure and encounters with the vibrant lives across the four continents as experienced by a curious Muslim academic at different stages of his life. The reader can follow author's own experiences at these locales along with his continuing exposure to socio-intellectual institutions in Europe and the United States. Here universities and museums at places like Oxford, East Lansing, Helsinki, London and Florence find company with Muslim cosmopolitan cities in Asia and Africa that once prided themselves on intellectual eminence. During the post-9/11 ascension of a pervasive Islamophobia, this book attempts an alternative searchlight on a rather maligned or misuderstood past. 

List of Contents



i: Memoirs

1.         Hakimji: Special Cousin in a Bygone Tradition!

2.         Educating Girls in Air Marshal Nur Khan’s Town

3.         Harold Marcus: Remembering an Era in Michigan!

4.         Revisiting Michigan State University: Lost for Words

5.         An Evening with Hafiz at the Nehru Gallery, London

ii: Traversing the Silk Roads

6.         Bukhara: Among Scholars and Sufis

7.         Bukhara: Abode of Muslim Renaissance

8.         Samarkand: Tamerlane’s City on the Silk Road

9.         Samarkand to Tashkent: In Search of Navoi and Babur

10.       Jerusalem: A Journey Across Contested Histories

11.       Mevlana Rumi’s Konya in Whirling Times

12.       Isfahan, Nisf-e-Jahan

13.       Cordova, Oh Cordova!

14.       In the Land of Ibn-e-Battutah and Marabous!

15.       Soaked in History: Discovering Fez

16.       Italy: Leaning and Learning in Pisa

17.       Contemplations in Tuscany, Lost in Sicily  


iii: Nestling in the West


18.       The Book of Curiosities at Oxford’s Bodleian Library        

19.       “Encounters” at Victoria and Albert Museum

20.       A Tatar among Finnish Tatars

21.       Switzerland: Land of Honey—and of Money

22.       India: the Indus Journey

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