New Issue of Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context (vol.13 no.1 2020) Now Online

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Dear Colleagues,


The latest issue of Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context is out now! The journal currently presents its content as open-access scholarship. This issue “Travails of Race, Nation, and Identity,” is also available to read online at



Introduction by Peter Y. Paik

A Tick on the Dragon’s Back: How Siam Bonded Itself to China’s Political and Economic Supply Chains by Kasian Tejapira

Kashmir, Article 370, and the Afterlife of Colonial Martial Race Theory by Purnima Bose

Sacrificing Vernacular Cosmopolitanism for the Postcolonial Nation by Chua Beng Huat

Property or Expression? The Copyright Debate in Hong Kong in the Wake of the Umbrella Movement by Pang Laikwan

Thinking against the Temptations of Simplicity by Lawrence Grossberg


Review Articles:

Review of Jonathan Rigg, More than Rural: Textures of Thailand’s Agrarian Transformation (University of Hawaii, 2019) by Coeli Barry

Review of John Lie ed., Zainichi Literature: Japanese Writings by Ethnic Koreans (University of California, 2019) by Hiroki Yamamoto