New Issue (4/2019) of the Ab Imperio Journal

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Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of the Journal Ab Imperio (4/2019) is now available at

This issue concludes Ab Imperio’s 2019 annual program “Hybrid Conflicts and Diverse Societies: Civil Wars and Global Peace,” which tackles the ambivalent role of conflict that both tears apart communities and reconstitutes groupness through social mobilization. Another ambiguity of conflict concerns its ability to erase the fundamental difference between the local and the global, which is the focus of this issue: “Adjusting Scale: Global Conflicts – Local Consequences, and Vice Versa.”


“Minorities, Majorities and the Nation-State” by Benjamin Thomas White (in Russian).

“The Muscovite Silver Crusade: Power, Space, and Imagination in Early Modern Eurasia” by Chechesh Kudachinova.

“A “Plot” against the Russian North: Nationalizing the Discourse of Entrepreneurs in the 1860s” by Mikhail Agapov (in Russian).

“Disagreements between Yakutia, the Far East, and the Center regarding Administrative-Territorial Delimitation in the Context of Nationality Policy” by Egor Antonov and Venera Antonova (in Russian).

This issue is dedicated to the renowned academic couple, the Russianist Jane Burbank and Africanist Fred Cooper and contains materials pertaining to their retirement party held at New York University on February 20, 2020.

The issue also contains an extended section of book reviews.

Ab Imperio Quarterly is an international humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed journal dedicated to studies in new imperial history and the interdisciplinary and comparative study of nationalism and nationalities in the post-Soviet space. The Journal serves as an international forum for scholars reflecting on historical and contemporary encounters with diversity in composite societies.

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