academic unfreedom in China, Thailand

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Fascinating new report on academic freedom globally ranks China down in the worst bottom level "E."

Also, rebuts the idea that some Chinese universities rank high globally. No, they should be downgraded sharply.


"Free Universities: Putting the Academic Freedom Index Into Action." By Katrin Kinzelbach, Ilyas Saliba, Janika Spannagel, and Robert Quinn. Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), 26 Mar 2020.

The "dataset was developed collaboratively by experts at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), the Scholars at Risk Network, and the V‑Dem Institute. The data is publicly available, and V‑Dem provides an online tool that can be used to analyze any of the indicators."

BTW, one surprise (for me at least) was that Thailand now counts in the bottom level, alongside China.

Woa. That bad now. Meanwhile, Vietnam is in the category above, just slightly better.

BTW, there is a clear correlation of academic unfreedom, with countries that have endorsed China's concentration camps in Xinjiang -, like Eritrea, Zimbabwe, etc. -- which are also in the bottom "D" and "E" category.

Meanwhile, a country like the Gambia, which is leading the International Court of Justice genocide legal case against China's protege-country Burma, is itself an "A" country in terms of academic freedom.

Magnus Fiskesjö