TOC: Etudes chinoises, Volume 37-2, 2018 (December 2019)

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The French Association for Chinese studies (AFEC) is pleased to announce the publication of the special issue of the journal Études chinoises - volume 37-2, La vie des objets en Chine, edited by Vincent Durand-Dastès, Alice Bianchi & Lyce Jankowski.
Below, please find the table of contents and see the link for more information:

Études chinoises - volume 37-2 : La vie des objets en Chine

The Lives of Dakou in China: From Waste to Nostalgia, by Nathanel AMAR
Produire et consommer le sang du Christ. Matérialité et christianisme en Chine contemporaine, by Michel CHAMBON
Avalokiteśvara in Gold: Art and Ideology at Contemporary Baodingshan, by ZHU Pinyan
The Biography of a Ritual Vessel: On Naming, and the Dialectics of Authenticity, by CHEN Guangchen
Le faussaire et le numismate : Li Baotai et Bao Kang, by Lyce JANKOWSKI
The Chinese Books in the French Royal Library: An Essential Element in the Birth of Western Sinology, by Nathalie MONNET

Études Chinoises 漢學研究 is a multi-disciplinary and peer-reviewed journal published since 1982 by the Association Française d’Études Chinoises (AFEC). Its purpose is to promote original research and publication by both French and foreign scholars. Texts are published in French and English along with abstracts in French, English and Chinese, providing the journal with an international reach in keeping with its international distribution.