Book Reviews: Highlighting Recent Asian-Language Scholarship

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New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship, published by the Harvard-Yenching Institute, highlights recent books published in Asian languages, relating to the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on Asian culture. Browse the reviews on our website (searchable by region and field), including the following titles:

  • Shuangkou Village: Identity, Status and Rural Daily Life in the Era of Collectivization 《双口村:集体化时代的身份、地位与乡村日常生活》, by Ma Weiqiang 马维强. China Social Science Press, 2018. Reviewed by Yurong Li 

    • "In the period of collectivization, what were the true ideas, feelings and behaviors of ordinary villagers? What kind of resistance, adaptation and challenges did they encounter, when faced with the communist state system and symbolic discourse?"​​​

  • Vietnam-Soviet Union-China Triangle Relations during the Anti-American Resistance War (1954-1975) (Quan hệ tam giác Việt Nam-Liên Xô-Trung Quốc trong cuộc kháng chiến chống Mỹ (1954-1975)), by Phạm Quang Minh. Vietnam National University Press, 2018. Reviewed by Do Dieu Khue 

    • “This monograph...presents the generally less-known point of view from the leadership of North Vietnam [and] is a valuable contribution to the lively discussion of Hanoi’s interactions with key Socialist allies...”

  • Studies on the Communication of Mo Yan’s Writing’s Abroad ( 莫言作品:海外传播研究 ), by Jiang Zhiqin 姜智芹. Nanjing University Press, 2019. Reviewed by Nishit Kumar

    • "This book is empirically rich and offers a valuable perspective for understanding ‘Mo Yan Fever’ and ‘Mo Yan Style’."

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