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Dear Colleagues,


The AAR's Space, Place, and Religion Unit of the American Academy of Religion welcomes papers concerning issues of space and place as they intersect with religion anywhere in the world. We host thematic panels looking at issues across global religious communities and in-depth panels focusing on one area of the world. And we always include at least one all Asia panel. If your work concerns space and place, please consider submitting an abstract to the Space, Place and Religion Unit. 


Here are some of the topics we are especially interested in for 2020: 

● The Space of the State (co-sponsorsed with Religion and Politics Unit)
We seek papers that analyze examples of religious places and spaces that are made or developed by the political state. Possible themes could address mechanics of religious places’ development and the means by which a state sanctifies the nation as sacred space, kinds of religious space(s) states create, and applying spatial theory and methodologies to help think through the entanglements state actions create with historically sacred landscapes and places. We especially seek papers that address examples of how specific states create and authorize religious places and spaces.
Please contact Joanne Waghorne ( with a short description of your proposal if interested in submitting.

● Methodological Approaches to Space and Place in the Study of Religion
Papers focusing on specific methodologies – both established and newly emerging -- to apply to analysis of religious spaces and places. We are particularly interested in papers that explore the use of various geospatial technologies to document and analyze religion(s).
Please contact Katie Oxx ( with a short description of your proposal if interested in submitting.

● Place and Religious Performance (co-sponsored with the Anthropology of Religion)
Papers that analyze the relationship between space, place and religious performance. Possible themes include without being limited to spatial analyses of the way the emplacement and movement of body(-ies) affect the places and spaces in which they perform; the way spaces and places foster or complicate ritual performance; performing arts in/creating/subverting sacred spaces; religious performances that traverse diverse spaces and places.
Please contact Joy Palacios ( with a short description of your proposal if interested in submitting.

● Religion, Literature, and the City in South Asia (co-sponsored with Arts, Literature, and Religion Unit and Religion in South Asia Unit)
The panel explores the various ways in which religions in urban South Asia are (re)presented in modern literature, particularly regarding spatiality, representations of space, space as an agent in modern urban life.
Please contact: István Keul ( with a short description of your proposal if interested in submitting.


Please also check out our full call:

The deadline for submissions is March 2nd at 5PM EST. Please reach out to co-chairs Brooke Schedneck and Susan Graham with any questions.


Best wishes,

Brooke Schedneck

Susan Graham

Co-Chairs, Space, Place, and Religion Unit


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