Seeking Panel/Panelist for AAS-in-Asia

Shan Windscript Discussion

Luke Yin, History Candidate from Melbourne Universtiy, is seeking panel/panelist for AAS-in-Asia 2020 (Kobe, Japan).

"Hi All, My name is Luke and I'm a second year PhD candidate at Melbourne University. I'm currently writing a paper on the historical development of gender and sexuality in treaty port China (using interracial marriage as a case study) and would like to present some of my findings at this year's AAS-in-Asia conference (Kobe). I'm looking for a panel which is interested in the topics of (not limted to) Chinese treaty port history, gender/sexuality in Late Qing/Republican China, the relationship between gender and urban in an Asian context, and the history of globalization and international migration (using Asian case studies). If you are looking for an additional panlist for your session, I'm also happy to join." 

If you are interested in collaborating with Luke please email him at Thank you.