New audio documentary exploring Hong Kong and London's financial ties to the Canadian tar sands

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Sharing an audio documentary I made with the Canadian Center for Architecture. It might be of interest to scholars focusing on urban history, landscape architecture, climate change, financial districts, or activism.

Market Landscape: Speaking between Financial Districts and the Planet is a 38-minute dérive through ongoing debates about design, climate change, and finance. In two parts, we speak with designers, scholars and activists to link financial districts in Hong Kong and London with the Canadian tar sands. Featuring sociologist Saskia Sassen, indigenous activist Kanahus Manuel, architectural and urban historian Sara Stevens, climate activists from Extinction Rebellion and BankTrack, and many more!

The link includes a full transcription with footnotes and links to our sources. Please share with colleagues or students who might enjoy

PS we also published an essay on the same topic that discusses Hong Kong in more detail, digging into its early-colonial history to critique unequal power relations that still echo in the present.