Book Reviews: Highlighting Recent Asian-Language Scholarship

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New Frontiers in Asian Scholarship, published by the Harvard-Yenching Institute, highlights recent books published in Asian languages, relating to the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on Asian culture. Browse the reviews on our website (searchable by region and field), including the following titles:

  • The Institutional Logic of Governance in China: An Organizational Approach  (中国国家治理的制度逻辑:一个组织学研究), by Zhou Xueguang 周雪光. SDX & Harvard-Yenching Academic Library, 2017. Reviewed by Zhang Shiyu.

    • "Why could China maintain a unitary empire/state for thousands of years? Why did China suffer long-term stagnation in history when compared with western civilization? How, all of a sudden, did China achieve such a developmental miracle within recent decades? Zhou tries to figure out if there is a stable institutional logic of governance in China from the perspective of organizational theory."

  • Rags: the Horikiri Tatsuichi Collection - Cataloging Cloth Across Time. Vol.1 (堀切辰一コレクション時代布目録—襤褸—続編第一巻), by Horikiri Tatsuichi 堀切辰一. KitaKyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History, 2014. Reviewed by Maumita Banerjee.

    • "Horikiri’s belief that clothes have a heart made him beautifully capture the lived experiences of common people through the discarded clothes of the past."

  • Tsha-tsha Art from Guge, Tibet 《西藏古格擦擦艺术》, edited by Xiong Wenbing and Li Yizhi 熊文彬,李逸之. Beijing: China Tibetology Press, 2016. Reviewed by Wang Chuanbo

    • "Surveys of the artistic heritage of the Western some extent, overshadow another modest, very interesting type of artwork, the tsha-tsha (ཚ་ཚ), which are unique miniatures in clay. As an important ritual object, the tsha-tsha has significance for researching the evolution of style, the development of deity worship, and consecration practices in the particular region."

  • War and Peace: the Korean War and the Birth of the Armistice System <<전쟁과 평화: 6.25전쟁과 정전체제의 탄생>>, by Myongsob Kim 김명섭. Seoul: Sogang University Press, 2015. Reviewed by Seokwon Kim

    • "[This book] finely combines political history and political understand the political “logic” of the Korean War and its long and ongoing aftermath."

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