Workshop: Digital Humanities for East Asian Studies @ Penn (June 1-4, 2020)

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University of Pennsylvania’s Dream Lab workshop event will feature a new course this year, June 1-4, 2020, in Philadelphia PA: “Digital Humanities for East Asian Studies.” All interested participants are welcome (students, faculty, staff, etc.), and there are no particular prerequisites, nor is there an application process. Summer is a busy time for digital humanities workshops, but if you are in the region already, please consider this as a local option. All Dream Lab courses run in parallel for four full days, so "DH for East Asian Studies" is one of a number of choices on the program. You can find out more information and registration at this link:

Co-instructors Molly Des Jardin (Penn Libraries) and Paul Vierthaler (William & Mary) will focus on current and emerging digital projects and methods for East Asian studies, which we loosely define as research that uses primary sources written in classical and modern Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. While it is open to all disciplines and areas of interest, and we will teach the course entirely in English, it is recommended that participants have reading knowledge the language(s) specific to their own work to get the most out of the experience. We expect to include presentations and hands-on sessions with tools and projects, and active discussion about pedagogy, self-directed learning, and future directions for DH research and projects in East Asian studies broadly. We will cover topics ranging from corpus preparation and text analysis to APIs, IIIF, and digital resources relevant to materials in these languages. You can find out more about the instructors and content at

If you have questions about logistical details (travel, finances, etc.) please contact the Penn Price Lab staff directly, but note that there is a $250 discount on tuition if you register by May 1, 2020, and campus housing is also available. The venue will be Penn's main campus in Philadelphia (last year the workshops were held in Van Pelt Library). If you have questions or thoughts about workshop content (especially since we are still developing it), please contact Molly Des Jardin at