TOC Studies in South Asian Film & Media, Vol 10, Issue 1 (2019)

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Intellect is pleased to announce that Studies in South Asian Film & Media 10.1 is now available! Special Issue: ‘Film Festivals’. For more information about the special issue and journal, click here >>


Issue 10.1



Monia Acciari and Hrishikesh Ingle 




The rise of experimental film festivals in India 

Gauri Nori


Little cinema culture: Networks of digital files and festival on the fringes 

Madhuja Mukherjee


The permanency of film festivals: Archiving the changing India 

Monia Acciari


Film festivals and the mediations of locality 

Hrishikesh Ingle 




Interview with Aparajita Roy Sinha 

Monia Acciari and Gauri Nori


Interview with Meenakshi Shedde

Monia Acciari and Hrishikesh Ingle