TOC for South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 42, no. 5 (Oct. 2019)

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South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies is pleased to announce the publication of Vol. 42, no. 5 (Oct. 2019) with a special section on Nepal, available via the Taylor & Francis website


The Untouchable School: American Missionaries, Hindu Social Reformers and the Educational Dreams of Labouring Dalits in Colonial North India, by Arun Kumar

The Problem Without a Name: Comments on Cultural Difference (Racism) in India, by Papori Bora

Cow Politics: Spatial Shifts in the Location of Slaughterhouses in Mumbai City, by Shireen Mirza

Special Section: Social and Political Transformation in Nepal: Exploring the Relational Nature of the State

Guest Editors: Uma Pradhan and Karen Valentin

Introduction. Towards a Relational Approach to the State: Understanding Social and Political Transformation in Nepal, by Uma Pradhan and Karen Valentin


The Material Politics of Citizenship: Struggles over Resources, Authority and Belonging in the New Federal Republic of Nepal, by Andrea J. Nightingale, Luttgart Lenaerts, Ankita Shrestha, Pema Norbu Lama Tsumpa and Hemant R. Ojha

Value Chains and Development Brokers: Engineering Inclusive Agricultural Markets in Jumla, Nepal, by Elsie Lewison

Corruption as a Diagnostic of Power: Navigating the Blurred Boundaries of the Relational State, by Katharine Rankin, Pushpa Hamal, Elsie Lewison and Tulasi Sharan Sigdel

Multi-Ethnic Citizens in a Multi-Ethnic State: Constructing State–Citizen Relations through ‘Difference’ in the Adivasi Janajati Scholarship Programmes in Nepal, by Uma Pradhan

Where Interests Collided: Examining the Conflictual Relationship between the Nepali State and Its Citizens through the History of Public Libraries, by Lokranjan Parajuli

Making ‘Green Citizens’ in Ilam: Development and Transformation in East Nepal, by Mona Chettri

The Multiple Faces of the State: Encounters between the State and Squatters in Kathmandu, by Karen Valentin

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