New Book, Caumanns, Sernesi, and Solmsdorf (eds), Unearthing Himalayan Treasures, Festschrift for Franz-Karl Ehrhard

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Poted on behalf of Dr. Marti Sernesi

Dear colleagues,

I am very glad to announce the publication of the felicitation volume in honour of Professor Franz-Karl Ehrhard:

Unearthing Himalayan Treasures: Festschrift for Franz-Karl Ehrhard. Edited by Volker Caumanns, Marta Sernesi, and Nikolai Solmsdorf. Marburg: Indica et Tibetica Verlag, 2019. xxiv, 488 pp. ISBN 978-3-923776-62-7.

The volume includes twenty-six contributions on the religious and literary traditions of Tibet and the Himalayas: please see the table of contents below.

With Kind Regards,
Marta Sernesi
Departmental Lecturer in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
Oriental Institute, University of Oxford
Pusey Lane
Oxford, OX1 2LE


Table of Contents


Publication List of Franz-Karl Ehrhard

Orna Almogi. The Human behind the Divine: Some Reflections on the Scriptural Evolution of the Ancient Tantras (rNying rgyud).

Achim Bayer. The World Arises from Mind Only: Candrakīrti’s Affirmation of cittamātra at Madhyamakāvatāra 6.87.

Volker Caumanns. A Drop from the Ocean of Marvels: ʼJam mgon A mes zhabsʼs Discussion of sNgags ʼchang Kun dgaʼ rin chenʼs Spiritual Genealogy.

Christoph Cüppers. A Document of the Official Handover by the dkon gnyer of the ʼPhags pa Wa ti Shrine in Kyirong.

Hubert Decleer. A Newar / Bon po Guide to Svayambhū: Ācārya Tenzin Namdak’s The Light Illuminating Nepal: The Self-Arisen Caitya.

Elena De Rossi Filibeck. “Dear Luciano...” Three Unpublished Letters by Giuseppe Tucci to Luciano Petech from Tibet: In Search for Tibetan Texts.

Siglinde Dietz and Helmut Eimer. Tibetan Versions of the ye dharmā hetuprabhavā Stanza.

Lewis Doney. Life and Devotion: The Biography of Padmasambhava in Two Works of A mes zhabs.

Brandon Dotson. A Fragment of an Early Tibetan Divination Board from Mīrān.

Marlene Erschbamer. Learning, Discipline, and Nobility: rJe ’Ba’ ra ba and his Spiritual Father Zur phug pa.

Jens-Uwe Hartmann and Bhikṣuṇī Vinītā. “Bathing the Body with Face Downwards.”

Jörg Heimbel. Producing a Deluxe bKa’ ’gyur Manuscript Set at Ngor Monastery: The Commission (1601–1603) of Shar chen Byams pa Kun dga’ bkra shis.

David Jackson. The History of Nā lendra Monastery: Sources and Some Recent Findings.

Matthew T. Kapstein. The All-Encompassing Lamp of Awareness: A Forgotten Treasure of the Great Perfection, its Authorship and Historical Significance.

Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp. A lag sha Ngag dbang bstan dar (1759–after August 1, 1840): On Some Chinese Lexemes and the Chinese Language, Part One.

Klaus-Dieter Mathes. Mountain Cult and Religious Geography in Dolpo (Nepal): A Guide to Crystal Mountain Dragon Roar.

Petra Maurer. Obstacles in the Path of the Religious Life: The Early Monastic Years of Grub chen Ngag dbang Tshe ring (1657–1734).

Ulrike Roesler. Biographies, Prophecies, and Hidden Treasures: Preliminary Remarks on Some Early bKa’ gdams pa Sources.

Peter Schwieger. Cultural Revolution in the Grassland: Tibetan Short Stories Addressing a Collective Trauma.

Marta Sernesi. Writing Local Religious History: The Abbatial History of Brag dkar rta so.

Jan-Ulrich Sobisch. Paracanonical Manuscript-Traditions of Tilopa’s Ganggā ma Mahāmudrā: Translation of the Version Preserved by the Aural Transmission Tradition.

Nikolai Solmsdorf. The Ocean-Like Conqueror (rgyal ba rgya mtsho): A Jina Sāgara Thangka in Mang yul Gung thang.

Helga Uebach. Notes on the Postal System (slungs) in the Tibetan Empire in the 7th–9th Centuries.

Roberto Vitali. Bang rim chos sde in Dwags po (11th–13th Century): mKhar nag lo tsā ba’s Treatment and the Bai ser Follow-up.

Dorji Wangchuk: Rong zom pa on the Ālayavijñāna Theory.

Yotsuya Kodo: Some Discrepancies between Candrakīrti and Tsong kha pa: On the Critique of Svatantra Reasoning.

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