Workshop: Border-crossing and Migration in Early Medieval China, 23 May 2019

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Dear Colleagues, 
I would like to bring your attention to our workshop at Harvard University entitled “Border-crossing and Migration in Early Medieval China”.
Date: 9:30am-5:00pm, Thursday, May 23, 2019
Venue: The Common Room, 2 Divinity Avenue, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
For more details, please visit our website:

9:30-9:40         Opening Remarks


Panel I. Going South


Evan Nicoll-Johnson (University of Alberta), “Guo Pu (276-324) the Wanderer: Magic and Migration in the Jin Dynasty”

Lu Kou (Williams College), “Detainees and Letters to Request Release in Early Medieval China”


Panel II. The Mobility of Texts and Images


Keith N. Knapp (The Citadel), “Cultural Baggage: The Transmission and Spread of Accounts of Filial Offspring during the Northern and Southern Dynasties”

Fan Zhang (NYU-Shanghai), “Between Hexi and Pingcheng: Migration of Image, Style, and People”


11:40-1:00        Lunch [Workshop Participants Only]


Panel III. Looking Back and Around


Jack W. Chen (University of Virginia), “Looking Back across the River: Nostalgia as Migrancy in the Shishuo xinyu

Xiaofei Tian (Harvard University), “The Worlds on the Edge between Darkness and Light: Fifth-century ‘Supernatural’ Stories of a Migrant Community”


Panel IV. Rootedness, Relocation, and Identity


Andrew Chittick (Eckerd College), “Borderlands and Migration to North and South: A Study of the Qing-Qi Region in the Fifth Century CE”

Wen-Yi Huang (Harvard University), “How to Name People on the Move: A Case Study of the Northern Wei”


3:00-3:15         Coffee Break


Panel V. Moving Monks and Merchants


James Robson (Harvard University), “Monks, Movement, and Migration: A Preliminary Assessment of the Large-Scale Movement of Buddhist Monks in Early Medieval China”

Jin Xu (Vassar College), “Following in the Footsteps of Siddhartha: Shi Jun Sarcophagus and the Picturing of an Allegorical Biography”


4:15-4:45         General Discussion and Concluding Remarks


6:30                 Dinner for Workshop Participants


Best regards,

Wen-Yi Huang
An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow
Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University