ToC Journal of the American Oriental Society 139.1 (2019)

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The new issue of the Journal of the American Oriental Society, 139.1 (2019), is now available in print and online at:


Persian in Arabic Poetry: Identity Politics and Abbasid Macaronics, by Lara Harb


The Opening Formula and Witness Clauses in Arabic Legal Documents from the Early Islamic Period, by Geoffrey Khan


Indic Ornaments on Javanese Shores: Retooling Sanskrit Figures in the Old Javanese Rāmāyaṇa, by Yigal Bronner and Helen Creese


Made in China? Sourcing the Old Khotanese Bhaiṣajyaguruvaiḍūryaprabhasūtra, by Diego Loukota


Buddhist Litigants in Public Court: A Case Study of Legal Practices in Tibetan-ruled Dunhuang (786–848), by Cuilan Liu


Japanese Students Abroad and the Building of America's First Japanese Library Collection, 1869–1878, by William D. Fleming


Celebrating Sensual Indulgence: Du Mu 杜牧 (803–852), His Readers, and the Making of a New Fengliu 風流 Ideal, by Yue Hong


The Personal Pronoun in Christian Palestinian Aramaic, by Tarsee Li


Shame and Insult in Anatolia: Luvo-Hittite zammurāi, by Alexander Nikolaev


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