TOC: Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 78, Issue 2

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Research Articles

A Long View of Resilience in the Chengdu Plain, China
Susan H. Whiting, Daniel Abramson, Shang Yuan, Stevan Harrell

Representations and Regulations of Marriage Migration from Russia and Vietnam in the People's Republic of China
Elena Barabantseva, Caroline Grillot

Being Witnessed Saving Others: Moral Personhood in Women's Popular Buddhist Practice in Rural Northern Vietnam
Lauren Meeker

How to Read a Sinographic Text in Eighteenth-Century Chosŏn Korea: Liuxi Waizhuan and Yi Tŏngmu's Compilation of Noeroe Nangnak Sŏ
Suyoung Son

Japan's Liberal-Democratic Paradox of Refugee Admission
Konrad Kalicki

Forum—Anti-Colonialism in Asia: The Centenary of 1919

The Shadow of Democracy
Rebecca E. Karl

Whither India? 1919 and the Aftermath of the First World War
Durba Ghosh

1919 in Korea: National Resistance and Contending Legacies
Gi-Wook Shin, Rennie Moon

Asia in the Global 1919: Reimagining Territory, Identity, and Solidarity
Erez Manela