TOC Made in China, vol. 4, issue 1 (2019)

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Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Made in China Journal. You can download the PDF and subscribe at this link:


- Editorial (The Editors)

- Briefs

- Transnational Carceral Capitalism in Xinjiang and Beyond (Gerald Roche)

- State Repression in the Jasic Aftermath: From Punishment to Preemption (Kevin Lin)

- Where Is China’s Interpol Chief? (Maya Wang)

- Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethical Dilemmas: China and the New Frontiers of Academic Integrity (James Darrowby)

- From the Outside Looking In: A Response to John Garnaut’s Primer on Ideology (Christian Sorace)

- Hidden Rules and the ‘Heartache’ of Chinese Government Officials (Jie Yang)

- Against Atrophy: Party Organisations in Private Firms (Jude Blanchette)

- Anti-poverty Policies and Discourses of Blame in China (Yang Lichao and Robert Walker)

- Chinese Feminism as We Know It: Public Pedagogies of the Anglophone Media Space (Dušica Ristivojević)

- Does China Have a Feminist Movement from the Left? (Yige Dong)

- Beyond #MeToo in China: A Conversation with Zhang Leilei (Nuala Gathercole Lam)

- Global Connections: Chinese Feminism, Tibet, and Xinjiang (Séagh Kehoe)

- Separated Again by a High Wall (Zheng Churan)

- The Plight of Sex Workers in China: From Criminalisation and Abuse to Activism (Tiantian Zheng)

- Accidental Activists: The Resistance of the ‘709’ Wives (Nicola Macbean)

- Queer History, Culture, and Activism in China: A Conversation with He Xiaopei (Bao Hongwei and He Xiaopei)

- Descending into Debt in Cambodia  (Milford Bateman, Nithya Natarajan, Katherine Brickell and Laurie Parsons)

- A Road to Forgetting: Friendship and Memory in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (Yi Xiaocuo)

- Once Upon a Time in China: Lu Zhixiang’s Sketches of Shanghai’s Society in the 1930s (Martina Caschera)

- Hooligan Sparrow: A Conversation with Wang Nanfu (Zeng Jinyan, Tan Jia and Wang Nanfu)

- Illiberal China: A Conversation with Daniel Vukovich (Christian Sorace and Daniel Vukovich)