Reading suggestions on Uyghurs/Xinjiang?

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Hello all:

I'm looking for suggestions for reading to assign that will help students in an intermediate-level undergraduate class on modern China understand the current situation in Xinjiang, and the relationship between the Uyghurs and the PRC government. Ideally it would be something thirty pages or less, engaging and informative, that helps put the current situation in historical context. Thanks very much for any ideas!

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I know that it is bad form to recommend one's own work but you might like to look at :

Religion, Repression, and Traditional Uyghur
Culture in Southern Xinjiang: Kashgar and Khotan
Michael Dillon
Central Asian Affairs 2 (2015) 246-263

I've listed a number of overviews in this periodically updated online bibliography on Xinjiang and the ongoing Chinese atrocities there, available for download, here:

--James Millward's NYRB article listed there (on p. 3-4 in the section 'Overviews') might be suitable for your class, it's recent, and covers a lot of ground. There are many other materials listed that could be useful (including in section 5, 'Select academic works', pp 416 ff.).

Best wishes. 
Magnus Fiskesjö
--Also ps, separately, I have a powerpoint presentation I've used a few times, which I am happy to share and send you, if you want to use any parts of it.