TOC, Études mongoles & sibériennes, centrasiatiques & tibétaines, 50 (2019)

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EMSCAT editorial team is pleased to announce the release of volume 50 of Études mongoles & sibériennes, centrasiatiques & tibétaines.

Please find below the table of contents.
You can also access the whole volume on the journal’s website.

Table of contents:

Animals in the religion and culture of the Tibetan Plateau
edited by Geoffrey Barstow

Geoffrey Barstow

Hunting for fortune. Wild animals, goddesses and the play of perspectives in early Tibetan dice divination
Brandon Dotson

Burning the incestuous fox. A Tibetan fumigation ritual (wa bsang)
Daniel Berounský

On the moral standing of animals in Tibetan Buddhism
Geoffrey Barstow

The case of the disappearance of Tibetan sheep from the village of Charo in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Tibetan pastoralists’ decisions, economic calculations, and religious beliefs
Ga Errang

“Beasts, Men and Gods”. A red purifying smoke offering (marsang) in Trika (Amdo)
Katia Buffetrille

Taming of supernatural entities and animal sacrifice. The synthesis of Tibetan Buddhism and local shamanistic traditions in Northern Sikkim (India)
Marlene Erschbamer

A multifaceted interdependence. Tibetan pastoralists and their animals
Nancy E. Levine

The use of insects in Tibetan medicine
Olaf Czaja

When the tiger meets Yul ’khor srung, or how to protect a construction site
Petra Maurer

Dismemberment and sharing of game meat by pastoralist hunters on the Tibetan Plateau
Toni Huber

Un demi-siècle

La revue a un demi-siècle
Roberte Hamayon