NEW JOURNAL: China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies, 1.1 (2019)

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The first issue of Brill’s new journal, China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies is now available! Below, please find the table of contents and see the link for more information:

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019

ISSN: 2589-4641

E-ISSN: 2589-465X

“Editor’s Note,” Pages: 1–2

“Toward a Global Network Revolution: Zheng He’s Maritime Voyages and Tribute-Trade Relations between China and the Indian Ocean World,” By: Zhongping Chen, Pages: 3–49

“An Open Knowledge System for Navigational Science: Zheng He’s Maritime Expeditions and Sino-Foreign Overseas Exchange,” By: Liu Yingsheng, Pages: 50–91

“Zheng He’s Seven Voyages into the Namoli Ocean–the Indian Ocean,” By: Wan Ming, Pages: 92–125

“India, China, and the World, a Connected History, written by Tansen Sen,” By: Xinru Liu, Pages: 127–129

“Making Borders in Modern East Asia: The Tumen River Demarcation, 1881–1919, written by Nianshen Song,” By: Qingfei Yin PhD, Pages: 130–131

“To the Diamond Mountains: A Hundred-Year Journey through China and Korea, written by Tessa Morris-Suzuki,” By: Nianshen Song, Pages: 132–134