TOC Made in China, vol. 3, issue 4 (2018)

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Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Made in China Journal. You can download the PDF and subscribe at this link:


- Editorial (The Editors)

- Briefs

- The Jasic Mobilisation (Au Loong Yu)

- Bracing for China's Systemic Competition (Lucrezia Poggetti)

- How the Chinese Censors Highlight Fundamental Problems in Academic Publishing (Nicholas Loubere and Ivan Franceschini)

- Strategic Considerations of Chinese Investors in Europe (Ulrike Reisach)

- Chinese Investors in Germany (Wolfgang Mueller)

- Inside Work (Tamara Jacka)

- China's Land Reforms and the Logic of Capital Accumulation (Thomas Jakobsen)

- Manufactured Modernity (Sarah Rogers)

- Managing the Anthropocene (John Aloysius Zinda)

- Rural Transformations and Urbanisation (Marina Svensson)

- Domestic Archaeology (Daniele Dainelli)

- Land Wars: A Conversation with Brian DeMare (Nicholas Loubere)

- Illicit Economies of the Internet (Johan Lindquist)

- Chinese Digital Ecosystems Go Abroad (Elisa Oreglia)

- Plastic China: Beyond Waste Imports (Yvan Schulz)

- The Internet in China: A Conversation with Gianluigi Negro (Ivan Franceschini)