New case of censorship of academic content in China (accepted by major publisher)

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The Asian Studies Association of Australia has released a statement notifying its members that the academic journal it publishers, Asian Studies Review, has been excluded from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences subscription package that Taylor & Francis supplies in China. According to the notice, the exclusion has been in effect since September 2018, but the Association only learned of the situation recently, and received confirmation from the publisher only after being alerted by a member.

As the statement notes, Taylor & Francis joins a lengthening list of academic publishers that have accepted or enabled Chinese government censorship of academic content. (For a helpful summary of previous examples, see, as well as earlier related H-Asia threads.)

The statement concludes, "The ASAA will be working with Taylor & Francis to attempt to restore full access to ASR content for readers in China. In doing so, the ASAA restates its absolute commitment to freedom of scholarly expression, debate, and inquiry."