CFP, Chinese Economic Statecraft Under Deng Xiaoping and Beyond: 1978-1989 (Macau, June 2019)

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Call for Papers
Date: June 2, 2019 to June 4, 2019
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Chinese History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Public Policy

Chinese Economic Statecraft Under Deng Xiaoping and Beyond: 1978-1989

In May 2018, the Faculty of Business and the Asia Pacific Business Research Centre of City University of Macau launched a group research project, intended to continue for probably four years, on Chinese Economic Statecraft Under Deng Xiaoping and Beyond.

This project is in many ways an outgrowth of two earlier books:

The massive study by Zhang Shu Guang, Beijing’s Economic Statecraft during the Cold War, 1949-1991 (2014), and

the anthology edited by Prof. Odd Arne Westad and Priscilla Roberts, China, Hong Kong, and the Long 1970s: Global Perspectives (2018).

We plan to hold a series of four annual workshops, each focusing on approximately a decade of Chinese economic statecraft since the reform and opening up policies began: 1979-1989, 1989-2001, 2001-2008, and 2009 to the present. It is hoped that each will result in a significant edited book, in which well-known scholars and practitioners will address various aspects of this broad topic from a wide range of perspectives, geographical or thematic. These gatherings may be supplemented by meetings at other institutions with appropriate partners.

The first of these meetings, which will focus on Chinese economic statecraft during the 1980s, is scheduled for June 2-4, 2019, to be held at City University of Macau.

Interested participants are invited to send an abstract and cv to Priscilla Roberts, at, or, no later than February 15, 2019.

After acceptance, full papers are due no later than May 1, 2019.

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Priscilla Roberts, Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre, City University of Macau

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