Mining the Logs project -- discussion threads from H-Asia's past

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H-Net celebrated its 25th anniversary a few months ago (and H-Asia's 25th comes up on March 31, 2019 -- see our H-Asia history link on the home page).

To mark the milestone, the H-Net office has been "mining the logs": looking through the old listserv discussion logs for interesting threads for each of H-Net's 180 or so networks.

They've listed five past discussions from H-Asia so far. These make an interesting addition to the ones we linked on the home page when we moved to the H-Net Commons platform back in April 2014. All of them together are only a small sampling of the 50,000 posts to H-Asia over the twenty years from 1994-2014. That content is all completely preserved and searchable, and the search engine is effective.


The H-Net office has added another 15 or 20 entries to the "Mining the Logs" list of past discussions on H-Asia. While only a small sample of the topics and debates preserved in the H-Asia logs, It's an interesting retrospective across the nearly twenty-five years of scholarly discussion and mutual learning that H-Asia has enabled. If any readers remember interesting threads that might be added to this list, please write to the editors and we'll pass it on.